Mindframe today has issued a statement regarding the media and online conversations regarding the tragic death of Tyrone Unsworth to help guide ongoing discussions.

You can download it in full here: mindframe-statement

Our thoughts are with the family, friends, school and community impacted by the recent death of Tyrone Unsworth as well as the LGBTIQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities that have also been impacted by this loss.

There has been substantial media reporting and online discussion about the death of Tyrone over the weekend and it is likely to continue this week as many people in the community advocate for the health, wellbeing and safety of all LGBTIQ people, especially young people.

However, the Mindframe National Media Initiative would like to bring to the attention of the media, suicide prevention and LGBTIQ organisations the potential risk to others who are vulnerable and those grieving such as the family, school and community, if this communication is not done in a way that is safe.

Suicide is an important issue and should be discussed and should be covered by the media. However, what we write, say, produce or share online can have an negative impact on other people, including other LGBTIQ people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other vulnerable members of the community if not handled well.

Suicide is also a complex issue and rarely linked to just one factor, even though we know many of the LGBTIQ and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are doing it tough. Attributing blame can be harmful and hard to change or retract later. It is natural to want answers to why it happened, and to advocate for change, but it is also important that we do not name and blame individuals or groups before we have all the information.